Water - Adam for Colorado



Colorado water belongs in Colorado hands. Period. Our district’s water supply is under threat. The supply is shrinking, foreign entities are buying up water rights, and the Front Range and downstream states continue to increase their need and look to us to satisfy it. This must end. 

CD-3 deserves a serious, competent representative sitting in rooms where decisions about our water are being made. In 2026, the Colorado River Compact is being re-opened and we need someone reasonable and sincere. The clock is ticking, and I will work with anybody willing to protect our water for all of our residents, especially farmers and ranchers. Denver, along with outside interests and big corporations, have no business intruding in our district. We’re the ones who can best determine how to provide funding for healthy watersheds, increase water storage, create better conservation practices, and update our aging infrastructure. 

We in CD-3 are the ones best positioned to decide how agriculture and other water users coexist. I’ll challenge downstream states to make sure CD-3 gets what it deserves so we can continue to produce our crops that feed America with our water and our ecosystems have what they need to thrive.

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