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With a shrinking supply and ever increasing need from downstream states and the Front Range, our district’s water is under threat. It is critical the 3rd Congressional District has a serious, competent representative sitting in the rooms where the decisions about our district’s water is made and who is laser-focused on working with anybody to protect our water for all of our residents, especially farmers and ranchers. In Congress, I will fight to keep outside interests from making decisions about our water and work to provide funding for healthy watersheds, increased storage, modernized water infrastructure and better conservation practices. I will do whatever it takes to protect Colorado’s water and keep it in its home basins.  Like almost every issue, tackling these big issue in a bipartisan manner will be the only way to see legislation implemented.

  • The current representative has repeatedly voted against bipartisan investments in water infrastructure for CD3. Adam understands the importance of critical funding for projects like the Arkansas Valley Conduit that will ensure long-term water supply security for 50,000 Coloradans surrounding Pueblo.

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