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Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is one of the biggest and most diverse rural districts in America. In 2022, Adam Frisch drove 24,000 miles listening and learning what the people of the 3rd district want in a representative. They need to see all the ways Lauren Boebert is voting against the interests of the district. The voters of #CO03 are pragmatic, community-oriented people with conservative libertarian views.

From the ranching communities in the San Luis Valley, to the recreation loving mountain towns, to infrastructure manufacturers in Peublo, to farmers on the Wastern Slope, and the oil and natural gas producers throughout the district, all want the angertainment circus Boebert represents to stop. Adam believes it doesn’t matter how folks have voted in the past, they want less partisan approach and a representative that will work across party lines to find constructive solutions to help the district and get things done.

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