Veterans - Adam for Colorado



Our Veterans put their lives on the line serving our country. When they get home, our country should serve them. They deserve our thanks, and I will always fight for Veterans and their families to make sure our country honors their service.

Veterans’ patriotism and courage deserve more than just recognition. Our heroes deserve to get the pension and disability pay they are owed. They deserve to see the best doctors and get the physical and mental health care they need. They deserve a VA that works for them and across channels to ensure the best care possible. CD-3 is a largely rural district so VA acces is something we have to fight for since geographic hurdles are severe.

I will support veteran-owned small businesses and I will fight to make it easier for our greatest patriots to return to civilian life. Those who serve in our military are the best of us. They have defended our country and our way of life. I will never use their sacrifices to play politics in Washington like so many do.

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