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Inflation and Cost of Living

Everything costs too much, and inflation is out of control. Working families are struggling to afford essentials like groceries, gas, medicine, and housing. They’re getting hammered with everyday costs while politicians blame each other and corporations continue to price-gouge Americans. 

Inflation and stagnant wages are creating an economy that is leaving people behind. Achieving middle class status feels out of reach while living paycheck-to-paycheck is the reality many Americans face. That’s why we need to invest in local businesses that create good-paying jobs that make sense with our cost of living. Our economy does better when workers at all levels are compensated fairly and treated with respect.

We can grow our local industries right here in CD3 like steel production, energy production, and agriculture. We can do this by slashing unnecessary government spending and regulation. We need to stop policies that chip away at the value of a day’s work, making it harder for families and businesses alike to make ends meet. Folks aren’t looking for a handout, they’re willing to work hard, but the government needs to do its part when it comes to prohibitive housing and healthcare costs, and end assistance for corporations that are profiteering from raising costs on working people.

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