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We must have affordable and reliable energy; Colorado is and should continue to be a leader in domestic energy production to honor that goal. With everything from wind and solar farms to responsible oil and gas production, to innovative ideas like geothermal and next-generation nuclear, Colorado continues to be at the forefront of energy production. We need to expand on this all-of-the-above approach while focusing on creating jobs and continuing to infuse our communities with the economic benefits of being energy producers. We also need to peel back regulations on transmission line permitting so we can have more lines ready to bring CD-3 created power to the grid. 

All-of-the-above is the only realistic approach. The current administration, Congress, and the Colorado legislature are hell bent on moving us to all renewable energy at a devastating pace that doesn’t take into account costs, demand, or existing jobs. The math on their timelines doesn’t add up nor does it provide a “just transition” as they’d have us believe. Moving a coal miner in Craig from a $60/hour job to a $15/hour job installing solar panels is far from just.

Relying on foreign states for energy threatens our national security. Our demand for energy is outpacing our supply which then drives up costs and forces us to rely on bad actors like China, Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. We create cleaner energy — no matter the source — here in America than anywhere else in the world. We need to stop arguing about banning gas cooking stoves and stop mandating what type of cars and trucks we can buy and use.

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