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Economic Development

Small businesses are a cornerstone of rural and working-class economies. But starting and maintaining a business that serves the community is near impossible. It’s beyond frustrating, it’s devastating. Main street shops are closing faster than ever, and greedy corporations are profiting instead. This isn’t how America was founded. We should be looking out for the little guy. We should be fighting for our independently owned and operated business—we want as much money reinvested within our communities. But Congress isn’t doing that. They’re more worried about big-money interests and regulation. I’ll fight to cut red tape and boost local permitting and licensing to make things easier.

I’ll champion trades and trade education to train the entrepreneurs and workforce of tomorrow. It shouldn’t take a four-year degree to comfortably raise a family. Young Coloradans can be provided tools to pursue high-paying, skilled careers.

We need to make sure we focus on rebuilding and modernizing our district’s aging infrastructure to connect customers and businesses. Otherwise, how can small businesses succeed? We need to rebuild roads, bridges, and schools and grow jobs through investing in domestic production — providing our manufacturers, farmers, and ranchers the support they need.

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