Conservation - Adam for Colorado



We live, work, and play in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and our landscapes are at the heart of our way of life. We’ve been taking care of this land for generations. But now, politicians in Washington D.C. with their shiny shoes and condescending smiles want to tell us how to care for land we already love.

We know changing climates; we live it. Our crops, livestock, rivers, and livelihoods are affected by the crisis. We know how to make conservation decisions. We’ve been navigating new scenarios for years and control of these decisions should be left to local communities, not the meeting rooms of D.C. The partnerships that already exist between recreationists, loggers, ranchers, and industry need room to grow and flourish. The federal government can play a role by offering support and resources when needed for wildfire mitigation and watershed repair. I’ll fight for that, but I’ll also support decisions on how those resources are invested being made by those best positioned and proven to do so — CD-3 residents.

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