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Border Security & Immigration

We desperately need to secure our Southern Border. It is in chaos and no one is fixing it. Our immigration system is broken and badly in need of reform. We have an overflow of migrants and not enough border personnel or resources to handle the numbers. It’s overwhelming our communities and care systems. 

Both parties have failed us. Rather than sitting down and working to fix the problem, they are weaponizing the issues and playing party politics all while the rule of law is ignored, the humanitarian crisis grows, and our economy suffers. Our district’s current and future economic prosperity and national security depend on a border that operates effectively and efficiently. We need to secure our border with more agents, provide updated tech to law enforcement to detect fentanyl and other contraband infecting our communities, and allow for more judges to swiftly rule on asylum claims. Then we can begin to work on reforming our immigration system in fair, merit-based ways that provides an updated agriculture worker visa program for our ranchers and farmers and supports Dreamers.

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